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Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is the basis for an effective lead generation and sales cycle tool. CRM helps businesses to build sustainable relationships with their clients that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. However, when it comes to meeting the needs of individual departments, it is important to ensure CRM systems are configured to meet the different ways in which each department or team may work. Finding a solution that offers a high level of configuration should be a deciding factor when looking into CRM software. If you cannot tailor the user experience to give greater control over the information displayed for each individual or team, it can decrease efficiency in processes and result in badly managed customer interactions. In addition, companies may find themselves deploying various unconnected CRM systems and end up paying for multiple solutions to suit each department instead of one, adding on costs rather than maximising profitability

Can Your CRM System Provide You With A Customisable Experience To Boost Productivity?

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Unlike most CRM systems, OrderWise CRM is not a stand-alone application. Instead, it is fully integrated with the main OrderWise Business Management Software, providing a complete workflow management tool and central hub for all customer interactions, ensuring your business can grow without the need to increase overheads. OrderWise CRM can be configured and customised to match the needs of each role or department within the business so that the right information is captured and prescribed workflows are followed effectively.

Customise User View To Only See The CRM Information You Need

Adding to the valuable benefits of this fully integrated solution, version 18.7 of OrderWise sees multiple new features introduced to further focus how staff are using the CRM module. Now each specific user group can be given dedicated tracks within CRM to help them accurately and efficiently progress through leads correctly. This could mean users who have been assigned to separate territories can use tracks that are more specific to their region for a more personalised experience. Similarly, staff holding differing rankings roles such as sales rep, account manager or area manager can use the CRM module to monitor their progress in a much more dynamic and suited way, simply by having a track set up for their individual role.

By limiting the drop down to only show CRM tracks that are relevant for the intended user, businesses have greater control over lead nurturing by ensuring a structured process tailored to each individual or team is used.

Reduce Human Error & Improve Close Reason Accuracy

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As negotiations with a client are nearing the end, it is important to ensure staff can accurately record the correct reasons behind why it is being closed, regardless of whether it is successful or unsuccessful, as this provides key information as to what sales staff are doing right and wrong. Without a concise way of limiting these to only what is relevant, staff can end up recording invalid reasons that leads to key information being inaccurately recorded or lost altogether. This not only makes accurate reporting difficult but can also lead to staff having to spend time revisiting closed records and amending these errors, rather than progressing leads.

Solving this, functionality has also been introduced this month to add a specific set of close reasons for each OrderWise CRM track. This caters for the dynamic ways in which CRM can be used by ensuring staff are inputting valid and relevant close reasons based on that track’s workflow. This new functionality not only allows for a more accurate output of reports but also means staff can spend less time correcting errors and more time maximising sales. With this added feature, OrderWise CRM delivers a more refined method of monitoring customer interactions and the motives behind their success rate.

Streamline Track Progression Both In-System & On-the-Go

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Replicating the same in-system additions to version 18.7, this new functionality has also been made available within the OrderWise CRM module on the Mobile App. By utilising the OrderWise Mobile App, users will have quick and easy access to all the same functionality and information available with the desktop version of OrderWise CRM, giving the added benefit of being able to conduct business anywhere, anytime.

Using these latest enhancements to OrderWise CRM, businesses can tailor exactly what is visible to each team or staff member whether in-system or on-the-go, allowing them to have access to only the direct information they need as they progress leads. With these features in place, companies using OrderWise CRM are capable of further streamlining their lead management whilst ensuring it has the capacity to fulfil each role’s needs within this comprehensive system.

To discuss the valuable CRM module in more details, please contact our Client Account Management team today on 01522 704083.

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