Combine Picking Efficiency With Staff Experience Using New OrderWise Despatch Additions

Saving time, reducing errors and improving warehouse productivity is the main priority for any business handling fast-moving stock. Therefore, it is important for businesses to provide quick and convenient methods for their warehouse staff to fulfil orders so that they can do so both accurately and efficiently. With OrderWise Despatch on our Mobile WMS Devices, businesses are already presented with the software flexibility to configure picking and packing processes, as well as staff walk routes, to suit their own warehouse operations.

This month, version 19.5 of OrderWise has seen the arrival of two new enhancements, designed to further enable businesses to drive even greater levels of efficiency within their warehouse.

Picking 1

Allow Staff To Control What Is Picked On An Ad-Hoc Basis With Flexible Picking

An experienced picker will know exactly the best way to stack a pallet, with heavy items on the bottom and lighter items on top. However, depending on a company’s usual picking processes, it may be that the order of the pick list is not in the best order for stacking pallets. For these instances, businesses should utilise the picker’s knowledge and enable items to be collected in an ad-hoc manner instead.

Providing the capabilities to achieve this, we have welcomed Flexible Picking to OrderWise this month. Through this new feature, staff are now able to scan with their Mobile WMS Device any item on a pick, at any time. This enables goods to be collected in an ad-hoc manner rather than a specific set order.

Although businesses will want to ensure that pickers only use this functionality for fulfilling certain orders, this new feature offers users the flexibility to adapt from a set picking route whenever needed. This will inevitably add a new layer of logic to your pallet picking, combining the efficiency of OrderWise with the experience and knowledge of your pickers.

Drive Convenience For Your Pickers With New Output Label Functionality

zebra picking

It is not uncommon for pickers collecting small items to come across a product that doesn’t have a barcode attached. For businesses selling things such as screws, bolts and washers, it may be a case that these items are simply too small to hold a barcode, so it is kept on the box instead. Although this may not be a problem for most businesses, if the items need to be scanned again prior to being packed or a barcode printed and added to final packaging, this is when issues can arise.

Without the ability to print off a barcode label there and then for these smaller individual items, pickers can find themselves walking back and forth across the warehouse to produce barcode labels, wasting time, money and efficiency.

Solving this, we have now introduced the ability to output a variant label via a mobile Bluetooth printer. Now, when a picker selects an item that doesn’t have an individual barcode, they can simply click a button on their Mobile WMS Device to print a product label via a Bluetooth printer which they simply carry on their belt. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of items being mislabelled, as pickers can now simply print off output labels straight away.

Through these two new enhancements, businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices are presented with even greater flexibility to adapt to changing warehouse circumstances. By being able to pick items on an ad-hoc basis and print barcodes through mobile printers when needed, businesses using OrderWise can further improve their day-to-day efficiency.

If you would like to know more about the two new enhancements brought to your picking processes, contact us on 01522 704083.

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