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Papini has been OrderWise users since 2005, and today are a leading supplier of quality trade clothing.

They stock a vast range of garments within their bonded warehouse and pride themselves on their next day deliveries. Debs Howse, a Director at Papini, took time out of her busy schedule to explain how they’ve used OrderWise to achieve stress-free processes and easily manage orders from warehouse to shipment.

Solo International Limited, the parent company of Papini, was founded in 1996 by Gary and Heather Fisher. After 30 years of supplying garments to Marks & Spencer, Gary’s vision was to set up a high quality label of clothing suitable for corporate, promotional, school and work wear to supply to trade. They ran the business hands-on, travelling to China, importing, creating opportunities and generating sales. Their experience and hard work paid off and Papini gradually grew in size. Today, Papini employs a 12 strong, qualified and dedicated team. In fact, the Papini brand name is better known than Solo.

Prior to implementing OrderWise, Papini were facing a number of issues causing them to look into new business management systems.

“At that time, we were using a system which wasn’t very ‘user friendly’ and the time taken to complete tasks such as printing orders and posting invoices was very long winded. As all of Papini’s orders are received and dispatched the same day ‘time is of the essence’. Papini stock a wide range of garments including 5 different style of polos, a deluxe weight contrast hoodie, sweatshirts, fleeces & jackets, all from stock held in their own bonded warehouse.”

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All stock orders are dispatched the same day. The reliability and speed of the computer system for dealing with orders is of the utmost importance. With the previous system, Papini also encountered problems with their stock. Often what was available differed from what was showing on their system and therefore they constantly had to check the stock and adjust the system which obviously takes time. With the system they were using, everything ran through one screen and could only be used by one person at a time, which was not ideal. Happily, things changed after they took the decision to implement OrderWise.

“The Support team, they really do live up to their name!”

They now rarely experience problems with stock and all their orders are completed the same day.

Papini Case Study 1 | Orderwise

Different modules can run without interfering with each other. Papini also provide a bespoke service – where garments are made to the customers own requirements. Whether it’s an exact pantone shade or style, their design team work direct with their factory in China to ensure the garments are to the customers specifications. Purchase orders have to be raised in a format which can be easily translated for the factory to ensure a smooth process from the initial order to delivery.

“We also prefer to use a matrix format for our products. When we initially became an OrderWise customer 5 years ago this wasn’t something they offered but we worked closely together with the development team at OrderWise and OrderWise Matrix was formed!”


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