Leon Paul

Case Study

Implementing OrderWise

Back in 2017, Leon Paul was already considered to produce the best quality fencing equipment, but as the business stretched globally and orders continued to increase, the business’ service levels and order management were starting to struggle under the volume of tasks.

“The problems were that we had no control of ordering from stock to delivery, no barcoding technology in the warehouse, no form of KPIs to manage our performance, and very little understanding of cost control. It was just a very, very archaic paper-based system and that was starting to cost the business money and value.”

James Fay, Commercial Director

Key benefits

To help the business’s processes reflect the high level of quality control and innovation shown in their products, Leon Paul was looking to reimagine their operational management throughout their business – from purchasing and sales, right through to order handling and despatch.

£3 million increase

in yearly turnover.

35-40% additional capacity

before having to take on additional costs.

100% increase

in order processing.

96% faster

courier booking processes.

Hours saved

per day through the accessibility of one system.

1 central system

manages all operations.

Leon Paul | Orderwise

Download Leon Paul’s full case study

With their operations reaching whole new levels of efficiency and automation, Leon Paul is looking forward to continuing their partnership with OrderWise.

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