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Founded in 2015, Juice Sauz are a wholesaler and distributor of vaping supplies and hardware. The company also manufactures white label and OEM products alongside their own range of e-liquids. They also sell to consumers across over 10 retail stores.

Juice Sauz have an extensive range of 8,000 product lines to manage, with each one of their e-liquids available in a wide variety of flavours and up to five different strengths. These products and components are purchased from suppliers all over the world including the UK, China, USA and Canada. In an average month, Juice Sauz can receive anywhere between 400-600 sales orders.

Having seen rapid growth in their first few years of trading, Juice Sauz needed a business management system that could support their daily processes and give them a high level of control. To tell us more, we spoke to Juice Sauz Systems Administrator, Jaron Hine-Maddock.

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The Requirement

Prior to implementing OrderWise, Juice Sauz were using QuickBooks to manage their operations. Although QuickBooks had served the company well in their early days, as their order volumes and manufacturing processes quickly expanded, it was obvious they needed a more comprehensive solution.

To comply with legislative requirements, Juice Sauz are expected to keep tight control over all of their product batches and manufacturing processes. They need to carry out comprehensive product testing so they can state exactly what has gone into the manufacture of each product.

One of the main regulations they are subject to is the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) which came into effect in 2016 and places limits on the sale of all tobacco related products within the EU. Jaron explained that this TPD regulation was one of the biggest drivers for a new system:

“We were using QuickBooks at the time but with the amount of manufacturing that we do, there was a big pull for it (a new system). The TPD says you can only have a certain amount of nicotine in bottles, 20mg, and if the product contains any nicotine at all, it must be a maximum 10ml bottle. So, there were things that QuickBooks did, but didn’t do quite as much as we needed. With the industry being so heavily regulated, we needed to be able to keep track of all components and batches.”

When Juice Sauz came across OrderWise they saw that the software would be able to deliver the detailed traceability they needed. From component goods in, to product manufacture, all the way through to order despatch:

“The manufacturing part (of the OrderWise software) was very interesting for us; you could see everything a lot easier than you could on QuickBooks and it made everything a bit more streamlined. It was just a more intelligent system.”

Juice Sauz also saw the other benefits that OrderWise was able to offer them in terms of stock control, order processing and management of their retail stores. They implemented OrderWise across their entire operations including their warehouse, offices and retail stores.

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The OrderWise Solution

Full Visibility When Manufacturing

With OrderWise, Juice Sauz are able to set up multiple revisions for each item they manufacture, giving them an increased level of visibility and tracking:

“It works really well, we can keep on top of making stuff and the revisions are really useful for seeing exactly what has gone into each liquid. The estimated costs for everything works nicely and the transaction history shows all the batches that have come in and where exactly they have been used. So, for the amount we manufacture it does make things easier, we can see works in progress and then a history of exactly what we’ve manufactured each day.”

Bulk Data Imports

OrderWise has also helped to make Jaron’s job easier too. With the vaping industry being so fast-paced, part of Jaron’s job as Systems Administrator is to keep their active stock list up-to-date. Through OrderWise’s comprehensive import functionality, data can be quickly added in bulk:

“For me in my job role, the mass importing of variants and revisions, as well as the reports you can use to find everything out, that’s all really useful for me. It’s an easy-to-use platform and the more time I spend on it, the more I find useful new features that I’ve not used before. So, for keeping on top of adding new products and discontinuing others, it is much better than other systems I have used in the past, as everything is all in one place.”

Stock Management

Having stock information all in one system has also provided other benefits to Juice Sauz. OrderWise has been able to help the company better manage stock across both their wholesale and retail businesses. With their operations quite widespread, Jaron explained how OrderWise has helped to provide greater, more accurate stock visibility:

“On the stock control side, obviously we have a lot of different ranges and products. By having everything in one place, it makes things easier as you know a product is going to be in that place, in that amount. It’s also easier for the staff putting on the orders, they can check to see how much is in stock, whether it is in stock at all, and then we can just run the OrderWise To Purchase Report to pick up what we need to buy and what we don’t.”

With OrderWise being linked to the company’s stores, it also means sales orders come through automatically, ready to then be efficiently packed and shipped. This not only eliminates a lot of manual input across the two businesses but helps to keep stock at the right levels too.

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EPOS Till System

With regards to management of their 888 Vapour retail stores, Jaron was also quick to highlight the OrderWise EPOS till system and the benefits of a closer link to their back-end operations:

“I personally quite like the EPOS till system, it’s a really friendly system for the retail-facing side – it’s nice and simple for staff in the shops to use and you can’t really go wrong with it. It also means we’re not using three different systems for managing three different things. Instead it keeps everything all in one place so its all centralised and easy to track.”

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First Class Support

However, when it comes to business management, software functionality is only half the solution. A good software solution should also provide first class support to help minimise disruption and a team to assist with process changes as the business grows. This side of OrderWise’s offering is something that has impressed Jaron, as he explains how Juice Sauz get the complete package with OrderWise:

“Truthfully, the support is really good. For answering questions on things, I’m not sure on, picking up our tickets, it’s really good. My Account Manager, James Richardson, is always responsive with questions I have, and both the first and second-line teams will get things dealt with that need urgently sorting. So, no complaints at all on that side of things, getting in touch with someone for help is always really easy.”

What’s Next for Juice Sauz?

So, with Juice Sauz able to get the traceability they need across all their product manufacturing, they can benefit from greater stock insight across the business and easily serve customers within their retail stores.

“The plan is to get OrderWise linked with our website and then certainly on the manufacturing side, it will continue to help us there. We have several operating businesses that all do a lot with CBD now, which is very highly regulated. So, we need to make sure that we’re using OrderWise to manufacture those products as it again shows us where the components have come from and what batches have been used.”

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