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Founded in 1978, DMS Flooring Supplies is a leading wholesaler of carpets and flooring based in Northampton, with branches in Hemel-Hempstead, Milton Keynes and Towcester.

Offering thousands of different products with goods bought from UK suppliers and imported from the EU and China, DMS trade in carpets, Karndean flooring, underlay, adhesives, abrasives, levelling compounds and other floor preparation products. They will receive around 2500-3000 orders a month, with orders placed via telephone, their website or trade counter. DMS began using OrderWise in early 2013. We spoke to Director of DMS Flooring Supplies, David Gowling, who took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about his experiences using OrderWise.

The Requirement

DMS was originally using Sage Line 50 coupled with a bespoke developed system built for them by a small IT company based in Milton Keynes. However, as the company started to find more success, they started to feel growing pains as their previous system was simply too basic to work in the way they required. David explained that the insufficient stock control provided by their previous system was starting to prevent the company from further developing.

“It was difficult to expand into new branches as there wasn’t a good stock management system – we didn’t have different branch locations set up, we couldn’t do stock transfers and stock taking was difficult.”

The main reason for the previous system preventing DMS from expanding was down to the excessive use of paper documents throughout their despatch and inter-branch processes. This was not only extremely inefficient but also meant DMS lacked the visibility and accuracy they needed to perform tasks effectively.

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“Before with our old system we used to have a paper trail for our picking and packing process, literally everything was reliant on pieces of paper moving around the warehouse and sometimes physically across branches.”

With DMS looking to open new branches, expand their business and generally improve their daily operations, the decision was made by David and his team to introduce a new stock management system.

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Implementing OrderWise

Whilst looking around at possible replacements for their existing system, David said that the way the OrderWise package was structured was something that stood out to him straight away.

“The transparency and the way the package was sold definitely appealed to me, the fact it was a modular system where we could decide how much or how little we wanted to go for – and it was a great price, I like the way you owned the software and you just adjust your licenses when you need to expand for more people.”

With OrderWise providing DMS with the potential for growth and comprehensive stock management functionality that they needed, OrderWise was introduced into the business. David was full of praise for how simple the go live and implementation process was and was impressed with how OrderWise could be sculpted to how DMS needed it to work.

“Everything from start to finish was absolutely superb – the system settings really give you an opportunity to tailor the system exactly to your business.”

However, what surprised David the most about the implementation process was how easily the business and his colleagues were able to adapt to the new system. David explained how OrderWise proved all his friends wrong with how quickly using the software became a natural part of the daily business routine.

“A lot of my friends have wholesale businesses and they said that going live with a new system is going to take a year or two to get bedded in but I can honestly say within four months we were far, far ahead of where we ever were before with the previous system.”

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The OrderWise Solution

The main reason for DMS upgrading their business management software was the added control over stock that they required between their multiple branches. By combining OrderWise’s extensive stock control capabilities with the Stock Transfers module to transfer goods between branches, David explained that his team are now managing their stock more effectively than ever before.

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“The biggest enhancement with OrderWise is the ability to do stock transfers between branches, we have much better tracking of stock and when we plan to open new branches in the future, it takes literally seconds to set up a new branch within OrderWise – It’s just a much improved stock database management system and it definitely gives us a scope for growth.”

One aspect of OrderWise that has had a huge impact on the running of DMS is the back-to-back ordering functionality. David explained how this has enabled the business to cater stock to meet demand as well as improve overall productivity.

“The back-to-back ordering is just phenomenal, that’s alleviated the pressure on our buying department and totally changed our business – we’ve given the power back to our sales staff to order their own special goods which has freed up a lot more time in the buying department for them to focus on managing our stock better.”

David and his team at DMS were struggling on their old system with the amount of paperwork involved in the everyday running of their warehouse. With the assistance of the OrderWise Despatch module and plans to introduce OrderWise Mobile Warehouse Management Devices very soon, DMS have managed to greatly reduce the amount of paper documents being passed between staff so that errors are kept to a minimum.

“Paperwork has been eliminated quite dramatically with the Orders Requiring Picking and Open Picks screens – I ultimately want a paperless warehouse and when we bring in the handheld terminals that will again revolutionise how we manage our stock in the warehouse.”

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With OrderWise, DMS has not only been able to eliminate the issues they were experiencing on their old system but also enhance their entire operation by providing a fully tailored end-to-end business management solution. David was able to point out a whole host of areas where OrderWise had a major positive impact and improved daily processes.

“The Returns Module, that’s great, that’s given us much better control over our debit notes, amalgamated invoices that’s just brilliant, that’s a really cool tool – also simple features like access to data, the way all the grids work and the search facilities you can just find stuff so quickly and easily.”

David was also full of praise for the OrderWise Support Team, who he said provide an excellent and very helpful service to himself and his colleagues should they encounter any issues or have any queries.

“They’re very fast at getting in touch, always happy to connect remotely and show us things – haven’t got a bad word to say to be honest!”

What’s Next for DMS Flooring Supplies?

So with OrderWise able to provide DMS with a complete business management solution, solve the problems they were facing and transform their daily operations, the question is what’s next for OrderWise and DMS Flooring Supplies?

“We’re about to go live with a new website from a company called Visualsoft and they’re going to link it in to OrderWise so we should have a fully automated order taking system via our website – It doesn’t get much slicker than that does it! Literally every single week, sometimes every day, we are finding new parts of the program that we can use to benefit the business as we are understanding the system more and more. Obviously from this we can build a successful website and continue growing our branches on a national scale.”

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