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Choice Shops Ltd. was founded in 2007 and is based in Telford, Shropshire

The company employs around 50 staff and is an online retailer selling a diverse range of products via multiple websites, Amazon, eBay and also from a warehouse outlet shop. The company’s product range includes a wide selection of healthcare items such as medical equipment, consumables and infection control supplies. In addition, the Choice Shops product range includes water irrigation equipment and gardening products.

The business stocks around 5,500 products at its warehouse facility, and including direct supply products, has up to 15,000 product lines, with stock being purchased from various sources around the world. An average month sees around 20,000 items despatched from their warehouse.

The company has been using OrderWise since 2012 and here Network Manager, Paul Evans, tells us about the business and how OrderWise is helping them to manage the company’s daily operations.

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The Requirement

In terms of choosing OrderWise, comprehensive functionality and a competitive price were important, and Paul states that, “we did look at other systems and cost was a major factor.” Additionally, as a business with a wide range of products being sourced from different suppliers, sold from multiple websites and despatched from a large warehouse facility, Paul highlights that, “key requirements were effective stock control, purchase ordering functionality and website integration.”

Furthermore, picking and despatching such a large number of items from the business’s ever growing warehouse operation required accurate and fast picking and a despatch process that could cope with high volumes.

The OrderWise Solution

As a predominantly online retailer, Choice Shops has seen its operation enhanced with the features of the OrderWise eCommerce module which provides full marketplace and website integration. Paul tells us that:

“As an online, multi-store retailer, OrderWise allows us to successfully trade on multiple channels with the efficiency and stock visibility that the business requires.”

As the business has grown, the Client Services team at OrderWise has been able to support the company’s development with a range of additional features and functionality due to OrderWise being a scalable, modular system.

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“We’re a completely different company now, we’ve grown tremendously. We’re now in a 58,000 square feet warehouse which is more than double what we used to have.”

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In terms of additional OrderWise features, Paul is particularly pleased with the provision of handheld mobile warehouse management devices.

“We’ve got handheld scanners to help pick and they have improved accuracy and sped up picking. In turn this has helped reduce our costs as there are less returns and replacements issued, which has been a significant benefit.”

As a comprehensive system that integrates and manages all business operations, OrderWise is able to provide the company with the key data needed for effective management of the business, with Paul stating that, “I really like the ability to create my own reports from the system.”

The Future

“We are almost at the limits of our current warehouse, and will probably be looking for another warehouse with the introduction of conveyor belts.”

With the continued support of the Client Services team, OrderWise will be there to support the multi-site operation as Choice Shops continues to grow.

We’d like to thank Paul Evans for taking the time to talk to us.

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