Capture More Sales Than Ever Before With the Latest Trade Portal Enhancements

B2B companies looking to trade with their clients online at any time often require a quick and easy path into eCommerce sales that also connects seamlessly with their offline trading channels and back-end management systems – an OrderWise Trade Portal provides that simple, stress-free solution for managing online B2B sales. Already offering a dynamic range of features to drive sales, an OrderWise Trade Portal makes the process of selling business-to-business simple and effective for retaining valuable custom.

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Tailored to suit the needs and branding of your business, the OrderWise Trade Portal platform is continually developed each month in order to further extend the comprehensive capabilities available to help you drive sales and repeated custom. Only last month we unveiled a plethora of new features and functionalities to the OrderWise Trade Portal and now even more new features have been added to ensure you are maximising the full potential of your online trading.

Bring Back Revenue With Abandoned Basket Notifications

According to a report by Barclays, online traders are missing out on £3.4bn worth of potential sales due to two-thirds of the contents of virtual shopping baskets being abandoned by customers. In a b2b environment, this can be detrimental to sales figures as trade customers could be leaving behind high value potential purchases.

trade portal basket

With a combination of factors causing this, it ultimately means the business is failing to convert those saved items into successful sales. Although it may not be possible to convert every single sale, it is important to have processes in place that capture those all-important extra sales volumes.

With this in mind, useful new functionality has been released in the OrderWise Trade Portal this month to send email notifications to those that have left items behind in their online checkout. This simple yet effective method of chasing potential sales allows for the ability to monitor all incomplete shopping baskets from the admin area of the cart and trigger automated reminder notifications via email, so customers can be encouraged to proceed through and complete the checkout.

Encourage Customers To Complete The Checkout Process

With the settings enabled, emails can be sent to administrators only, customers only or both, allowing OrderWise Trade Portal users to determine how exactly they want to follow up these abandoned carts. Conditions can be set to control the frequency in which emails are sent, meaning OrderWise users can also control how many hours before the first notification is sent from the moment the customer has an incomplete basket and how many notifications should be sent in total.

This highly beneficial feature allows users to maximise revenue by delivering an attentive shopping experience that encourages customers to complete the process without also taking up staff time. With the ability to monitor these baskets from within the admin area and automate the notifications, sales staff can remain focussed on excellent customer service by assisting with order queries and nurturing sales instead.

With the OrderWise Trade portal, clients already boast multiple different payment options with the portal supporting card payments through SagePay, as well as BACS and Payment on Account. Now with version 18.3, this selection of payment options has been further expanded with a new integration to the ever-popular PayPal Payment Gateway. PayPal is one of the most popular online payment services that allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically and now with this option available on an OrderWise Trade Portal, any of your customers wanting to pay via this service can do so with ease.

New Integration With PayPal Payment Gateway

It is always important to ensure the process in which customers progress through their purchases is smooth and issue-free. An important part of this is where a customer chooses their method of payment at the very end of the process. In some cases, customers may choose to not progress at all with their order if their preferred method of payment is not available, resulting in lost sales and custom.


Along with the fanstastic new features listed above the trade portal now boasts additional sales enhancements such as listing an item as POA, customer settings such as order promised date to streamline your despatch process whilst managing customer expectations, as well as further enhancements to the trade grid and ‘add to basket’ now featuring a modal for quick and efficient ordering.

Thanks to these multiple new features introduced to the feature-rich OrderWise Trade Portal, businesses can provide their valued clients with a streamlined, stress-free process of purchasing, whilst also capturing more sales at every opportunity.

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