Capture Even More Sales With Multiple Enhancements Introduced To The eCommerce Platform This Month

Whether you are looking to update your existing website or trade online for the first time, the OrderWise eCommerce platform offers integrated B2B or B2C websites to help businesses manage all aspects of their online trading effectively. With greater automation through the synchronisation of key product, pricing and stock data from OrderWise, businesses can eliminate the double handling of data and time consuming manual updates across multiple online platforms.

With the OrderWise eCommerce platform updated each month in line with the main OrderWise Business Management Software, this month has seen several highly beneficial features added to help users maximise their online sales potential.

Even More Styling Choice With A New Template Design Added

Having a website that represents your business and brand effectively is paramount for driving sales and retaining future custom. That’s why with OrderWise eCommerce Websites, businesses can choose from a selection of 10+ fully responsive design templates, with the flexibility of being able to easily amend colours, layouts and fonts to suit their requirements. Now this month, we have introduced another customisable website template design, giving businesses with an OrderWise eCommerce Website even more choice when setting up their online shop window. This new designs is:

Bakeshop – From clear, concise headings to neutral colour settings, the Bakeshop theme is a simple, natural design built with customer usability in mind
If you would like more information on the new template designs or to arrange a demonstration, head to our dedicated brochure HERE.


Help Customers Find The Right Products Quicker With New Predictive Search Enhancements

Giving website visitors the tools to quickly find the items they’re looking for is essential for capitalising on interest and generating online sales. If they need to spend a considerable amount of time searching for products, it increases the likelihood that they will abandon the sale before the checkout and go find the product elsewhere.

With the OrderWise eCommerce platform, there is already existing functionality in the search navigation that allows product names to auto populate as the customer starts typing in the search bar. Now this highly useful functionality has been further enhanced so that now as the customer starts typing, categories/suggestions will populate on the left and the product name/picture will be visible on the right.

By increasing the visibility of key product details and images in search results, OrderWise eCommerce website users can make it fast and easy for customers to find the products they need. By using a sophisticated search tool to facilitate a seamless browse and buy process, businesses with an OrderWise eCommerce website will find they are able to capture more sales and deliver a shopping experience that also keeps customers returning.

Boost Additional Sales Opportunities Through Your Blog Posts

Whether it is to announce the launch of a new product, highlight upcoming promotions, offer useful advice or even share tasty recipes, it is not uncommon for eCommerce traders to use blog posts to push additional sales opportunities. However, businesses can often forget to include a clear call to action on their blog posts, meaning their entries don’t generate the sales for which they hoped. This means that although their post may generate the readership, customers don’t follow through to complete a purchase off the back of reading the article.

Solving this, there is now the ability within the OrderWise eCommerce platform to configure a list of items to include in a buy together feature within a blog post. By using this feature to clearly present to readers the relevant products to which the article relates, businesses can help to ensure their blogs have the positive impact and boost to sales that they’re expecting.

If you would like to know more about OrderWise eCommerce Websites or any of the beneficial features included in this article, you can contact the team on 01522 704083.

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