Boost Visibility & Efficiency With Multiple CRM Additions

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a key part of any business, paramount to establishing long term, positive relationships with customers in order to build loyalty and encourage repeat custom.

Having a system like OrderWise brings CRM and all your other processes together to meet the needs of all departments within the business. Whether directing marketing campaigns to specific customers or chasing up enquiries with BI alerts, OrderWise CRM ensures that you have a fully integrated platform which acts as the central hub for all communication between you and your customer.

Further enriching the functionality of the module, we have welcomed several new features to OrderWise CRM this month that will further help towards managing key customer interactions and maximising sales potential.

Create CRM Records For Multiple Alerts At Once

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Staff who have to deal with a large number customers on a daily basis often have a lot of things to chase up on at the same time. Although multi-tasking is a natural part of sales, it is important for staff to have the right tools in their CRM platform to be able to chase things up quickly and in a structured manner. If staff have to find the right customer in their database and manually add a new CRM record for all their prioritised tasks for the day, this can be time consuming. This not only results in poor staff productivity, but also slows reaction times to important business happenings.

Preventing this, a new feature has been added to OrderWise this month for the ability to multi-select several BI alerts and create multiple CRM records on the back of these for fast follow up action.


Now, users have the option to add multiple CRM records to a range of different customers in the BI alerts customer grid. This new functionality allows users to multi-select all the BI alerts within the customer grid that require immediate attention and open multiple new CRM records for the relevant customers in one easy pass. This allows tasks to be completed quicker, with staff spending less time creating new records and more time reacting to key sales activity.


Have The Ability To Change En Masse The Users Assigned To CRM Records

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As business circumstances are always changing and cannot be predicted, there may be times where tasks need to be reassigned in order to keep up with changes in the business. For example if something unexpected comes up that takes priority, if one task takes longer than expected that means another task needs to be changed to a different member of staff, or simply staff shortages due to illness.

To help manage these situations effectively, OrderWise CRM users now have the ability to change en masse the user assigned to a CRM record or activity.

This capability allows CRM activities which are marked as incomplete to be selected and then reassigned to users by pressing the relevant button in the customer record list. This ease of reassignment allows priority tasks to be effortlessly reallocated, ensuring all important activities are completed on time and workloads between staff are kept well balanced.

Improve Department Workflows With New Card Templates

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It is not uncommon for companies to use CRM in multiple ways for different purposes or departments within their business. The problem is that if their CRM platform is too rigid, they may not have the ability to tailor its use to individual requirements, meaning staff may not have access to the information they need. This lack of visibility can inhibit staff ability to complete tasks effectively and maximise sales potential.

To solve this, OrderWise have given CRM users the ability to have different card templates for use within their CRM pipeline, which can be specified against a particular track. To accommodate this, a new tab within the CRM track form allows one of four different templates to be selected and applied to that track. Once the ideal template has been selected, the pipeline can then be loaded with the selected card design displaying the key information that you need.


Thanks to this new feature, the flexibility to customise the OrderWise CRM pipeline to match the needs and wants of the business has been extended, ensuring the relevant information is displayed based on the purpose of that particular CRM track.


Maximum Visibility With CRM Description In Outlook

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With staff often interacting back and forth with customers through email communications, having strong visibility between both email and CRM platforms is essential for a strong sales performance. OrderWise already delivers this through Outlook Add In and Calendar integration, which gives CRM users the ability to have schedules synchronised between the two platforms, as well as the ability to add new activities and records from directly within Microsoft Outlook emails.

Now extending this integration, a new function has been added this month which provides users with the ability to see the CRM description within the Outlook Add In. Additionally, this field can be populated automatically with the subject from Outlook emails and then pulled back into CRM records. This further enhances the shared information between these two platforms, and particularly helps staff who are chasing up customer emails whilst out of the office.

Capitalise On Customer Interest With Targeted Marketing

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In order to seize more sales opportunities, businesses need to focus specific marketing campaigns towards customers based on products that have been discussed during interactions. However in order to do this, it relies on sales staff feeding this information back to their marketing team, which can be difficult if sales staff are working out on the road. Unless they record products discussed immediately after a conversation with a customer, it is likely that they will forget by the time they return to the office. This makes managing marketing efforts increasingly difficult, as knowing exactly who to target can be a challenge if the marketing team are kept in the dark regarding what sales staff have discussed with clients and the interest they have shown.


Making things easier, the final new feature added to OrderWise CRM this month allows users to add marketing segments against CRM activities. This means that once a salesperson has spoken to a customer, they are able to link one or multiple marketing segments to the CRM activity to easily record what has been discussed. By giving users the ability to conveniently record this information against the CRM activity, marketing staff are able to capitalise on customer interest by following up these discussions with well-timed and relevant marketing campaigns.

Thanks to these multiple new features in version 18.8, OrderWise users can now benefit from even greater visibility and integration between their sales and marketing platforms. This enables better ease-of-use, allowing staff to be more productive, build stronger relationships and capitalise on more opportunities.

To discuss the new functionalities around a CRM module, contact us on 01522 704083.

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