Better Control Over Delivery Vehicles With OrderWise Transport Management

Any business managing fulfilment through their own fleet of delivery vehicles will tell you, careful logistical management is required to ensure orders arrive to customers promptly.

However, despatch operators can sometimes struggle to easily locate what orders are on what van, causing delivery vehicles to often be double booked. What’s more, traffic delays can also require delivery drivers to sometimes seek fast alternate routes to their destination.

Without the ability to easily react and manage these situations, companies can find their drivers taking longer alternative routes when they encounter disruption when out making deliveries. This disorganisation together with poor vehicle/schedule management can lead to despatch delays, orders going missing and ultimately, poor customer service. Therefore, companies despatching through their own fleet of vehicles should ensure they have an effective method of managing van usage and the routes which they are taking.

Achieve Structured Management Over Your Vehicle Fleets With OrderWise

Last month saw the launch of the exciting new OrderWise Transport Management and Routing module, which provides businesses with structured management of delivery processes where they are operating despatch through their own fleet of vehicles.

At the core of this new module are a number of one-view grids which allow vehicle and driver properties to be stored and edited, delivery routes to be set up and runs scheduled.

The module provides clear visibility for both transport and warehouse managers and utilises Google routing for fast, accurate deliveries. The new module also provides the ability to add additional vehicles to planned runs, the capability to split deliveries and also handle return collections.

Two New Enhancements For OrderWise Transport Management

Now this month sees two brand new enhancements added to the OrderWise Transport Management & Routing Module to offer users even better control and structure over their delivery schedule and the routes taken by their drivers.

The first of these new enhancements are ‘usage’ grids added under the driver and vehicle grids which show the runs to which drivers and vehicles have been assigned. These runs shown in the grids can be easily filtered by planned date and the number of orders, returns and splits assigned to each run can easily be seen for maximum visibility.

Secondly, there is now also the ability to import ‘Alternate Routes’ against ‘Customer Delivery Address’ records. This not only provides OrderWise Transport Management users with a fast, simple way of adding this key information but also allows greater flexibility when selecting the best method of transporting orders to individual customer addresses.

Thanks to these new enhancements, OrderWise Transport Management users are provided with even greater visibility across their despatch vehicle operations through both ease of access to key usage information and streamlined data input for alternative delivery address routes.

Existing customers can contact our Client Services Team to find out more about this new feature. To discuss your requirements in more detail contact us today on 01522 704083.

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