Beat the Brexit panic

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Get ready, Brexit will be here soon.

In one form or another, Britain and the European Union will have a very different relationship very soon. Make sure your business is ready to beat the Brexit panic.

While details of the exact deals are still being refined in discussions and dialogue between Brussels and Westminster, there are some elements sufficiently known that we can start getting ready for them now.

As part of OrderWise’s ongoing updates and support, the following changes are being implemented in our December release to help you keep your business moving.

Courier integration changes

With arrangements surrounding the free movement of people and products changing, it was only natural that new information would need to be included in our courier integration systems. Consequently, the next OrderWise update will see changes to the following courier intergrations:

  • Royal Mail Click and Drop
  • Royal Mail API – Intersoft
  • DPD
  • MyDPD
  • Deutsche Post
  • GFS
  • B2C Courier
  • UPS
  • Parcelforce

Postponing VAT accounting changes

From 1/1/2021, you will no longer be paying import VAT at the port of entry. That is why in the December release of OrderWise, you will be able to both declare and recover your import VAT on the same VAT return, instead of paying upfront and recovering later. This will help keep things streamlined as we enter a difficult transitionary moment.

Commercial invoice layout updates

With the changes to the UK and EU’s trading relationship, documentation connected to exporting goods will need much more information to be specifically outlined. That’s why we’ve updated our commercial invoice standard layout to include some new fields. These include new areas for your EORI number and a more detailed totals section which now contains sections for surcharges, delivery costs, and many other factors. With all of this information in place and ready, your business will be able to keep every last export moving as fast as possible.

Evolving situation, ongoing support

The exact nature of the situation is still in some degree of flux. That’s why our team of experts are here to answer any and all questions you might have. To help you beat the Brexit panic, we’ve set up some specialist pages. For more information, visit our Brexit support information hub, or contact our Brexit support team here.

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