Assign Multiple Opportunities to a Project In CRM

When managing customer relationships and recording interactions and opportunities, it is essential to ensure that there are processes in place for this to be achieved simply, accurately and in a streamlined manner.

However, where a business has an ongoing project with multiple customers and opportunities connected to it, it can be difficult to see all relevant information from various records in a way that ensures a project is managed in an optimum fashion. This is typical for companies handling refurbishments and other building projects, as well as companies selling to franchise stores or larger groups of businesses.

CRM Opportunities

When handling these kind of ventures, businesses will often have several quotes from different departments or arms of the business linked with the overall project. Therefore in order for companies to get an idea of the expected total project value for their financial forecasts, clear visibility of all connected orders is crucial. Without an effective method of managing such projects, important opportunities and tasks can be missed, records may not be accurately updated with correct figures and time can be wasted by having to constantly cross-reference information.

Improved Visibility Within OrderWise CRM

OrderWise CRM already provides businesses with a range of functionality to manage customer relationships, opportunities and sales pipelines, with additional features linking to Microsoft Outlook for greater visibility of key information.

Now this month’s OrderWise release provides the ability for users to now link several opportunities, customers and quotes to a single project. This new feature of OrderWise CRM provides clear visibility of all related opportunities and tasks connected with a project. Additionally companies can now also assign a “Task Type” to their opportunity and CRM Track tasks, allowing those tasks associated with a project to be easily distinguished. This ensures tight control over projects and allows for opportunities and tasks from multiple customers to be managed in both a structured and efficient manner. What’s more, having all quotes linked to the project provides an easily viewable expected total project value to be used for reporting.

Thanks to this new functionality, OrderWise CRM users are now provided with even more flexibility when needing assistance managing their complex sales opportunities. Through having the ability to handle projects, companies using OrderWise CRM can ensure they have the structure in place to effectively handle any scenario.

More information on OrderWise CRM can be found HERE, and existing customers can contact our Client Services Team.

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