Are Your Suppliers Letting You Down? New OrderWise Feature Lets You See For Yourself

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For any business drop shipping orders, handling fast-moving stock or processing items on special order, having reliable suppliers is essential. Along with an accurate understanding of purchasing requirements, businesses need to maintain good supplier relationships so that orders can be received and subsequently despatched within a workable timeframe to the end customer.

With this being the case, it is vitally important for businesses to monitor supplier performance and identify when purchase orders are missing their promised delivery dates. If being let down by certain suppliers starts to become a regular occurrence, this can start to cause issues such as sales opportunities being continually missed or disruption to order fulfilment.

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Therefore, to avoid losing revenue and dealing with dissatisfied customers, businesses should ensure they have the means to track the accuracy of supplier delivery timescales, so they can easily identify when suppliers are consistently missing the mark.

Ensure Late Deliveries Are Never A Problem Again With PO Promise Date History

To help users better track the frequency of suppliers missing delivery dates, this month sees the addition of a new Purchase Order Promise Date History screen to OrderWise Purchasing. Within this screen, businesses will be able to amend supplier promised dates against purchase orders and shipping containers, with an additional setting controlling whether the reasons for any changes also need to be recorded. When the purchase order or container is then saved, any changes will be added to the history and viewable for evaluation if required.

Thanks to this highly useful new functionality, businesses using OrderWise Purchasing can accurately monitor suppliers through a clear history of missed order promised dates. Armed with this information, businesses can then chase up on suppliers if late deliveries become a common occurrence, helping them to maintain an efficient fulfilment process and a happy customer base.

If you would like more information on OrderWise Purchasing, please contact us on 01522 704083.

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