Accurately Purchase To Meet Demand For Multiple Stock Locations

An enhancement has been made to the OrderWise To Purchase Report to enable businesses to account for demand from across multiple locations.

Meet Demand | Orderwise
For businesses regularly transferring stock across multiple locations, managing purchasing requirements can be tricky. Without considering current demand across each location when ordering in stock, businesses may find they are replenishing at their main distribution warehouse, only for goods to then be immediately shipped out to other branches or locations. This is not only unproductive, but also leaves the company open to a range of further issues.

If demand from across these other locations isn’t considered or managed correctly, businesses may find that they miss out on crucial sales opportunities due to being left short on stock. On the flip side, dead capital may be left tied up in the main distribution warehouse if other locations don’t have the capacity or demand to take anymore stock. Therefore, when purchasing to meet demand for more than one location, businesses need to ensure they have the necessary level of control so they can accurately maintain the right level of stock and retain their cost-effectiveness.


Successfully buy for multiple locations with this OrderWise Purchasing enhancement

Multiple Stock Locations | Orderwise

With OrderWise Purchasing, businesses can already automatically identify stock demands from across all locations, considering sales, current and desired stock levels, smart forecasting and any manufacturing requirements. Now this month has seen an additional enhancement made to the intuitive To Purchase Report, with businesses now able to consider minimum and maximum stock quantities when including additional demand locations in their automated purchasing calculations.

Now when running the Purchase Report and including demand locations, if the checkbox on the form is set to also include the min/max quantities for the specified demand locations, this will be added to the overall min/max quantity calculation done by the report and increase the quantity of stock being ordered. If the Purchase Report is being run without additional demand locations, this will just use the main location’s min/max stock levels as before.

Thanks to this small but useful new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise Purchasing to manage their stock requirements across multiple demand locations can now benefit from an additional level of control. Through being able to consider minimum and maximum stock levels for these additional demand locations, businesses can help to keep buying costs down whilst ensuring they always have just the right stock they need, in the right locations.

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